About Us

   Shadow Gaming Community was founded on December 8th, 2012. It started out as just a group of friends that would get together for fun. Then one day while we where playing we where talking and decided that we would try do do something that we had dared to try to do before. We decided that we would start a gaming community where friends could get tougher and have fun without having to worry about hackers/cheaters so that everyone could enjoy the game. Our dream shortly came to a halt as we all ended up laying on different systems do to personal preference. That is when it hit Matthew that maybe we could still do this. The only difference though is that we would need someplace different to meet other than our “usual place” the X-Box group chat. That is when we started brain storming and decided that the best way to be able to keep in contact with each other even though we where spread out over different gaming systems would be to create a website to hold all of our information as well as a place to get together. Which led us to GamerLaunch as they are know as a good hosting site for communities.  


   On of the things that you will find out about the community is that we do not tolerate any kind of hate or discrimination. The reason for this is that we are not here to trash talk each other, or our mothers. We are here to have fund and when possible progress with our games. We don not care if you are here to just talk or if you are the hard core raider we will make sure that you find yourself at home with us. Most of the leadership within the community not only have the system that they are on charge of, but they also have other systems. So if you find that you want to just have a fun laid-back game on the P.S.4 once you are done doing a raid on W.O.W. that will not be a problem.


   Now at this time we know that we are small in numbers but we will not let that hold us back. If you find that you don’t have anyone to play with on a system while playing online that is not an issue. If you come across people that you are having fun playing with feel free to have them check out the community. The if they like what they see just have them apply. The worst that they can say is no. Also if you are not sure why we are not covering a system just ask. Maybe we have other members that also have that system but have not yet shown interest in having us cover it.

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